Days Are Gone, Nights Are Long

(Yep, in a way inspired by Haim). My life is on a plateau; well, at least, that’s what two of my good friends have determined in one of our recent pseudo-intellectual Friday night drinking binges. Somewhere between my Cheesy Croquettes With Mustard Sour Cream and their Lychee Margaritas, I posited the dang question that led […]

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Disturb Me

Let me fall on my knees, and beg of you: disturb me by whichever way you like. Intimidate me, or hurt me, I don’t really mind. Nuzzle me, or pull my hair, for as long as you please. Kiss me, break my bones, or just be a tease. For if that’s what you can give, […]

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A piece for us that which we cannot name Should this be The End  lemme ask again again again Are we a ‘hey there’ once plump with emotions a spring of wants now spilt into oceans Are we borrowed hallowed unarmed for tomorrow Was I a lazy drawl with my lingering s’s a she who […]

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Drunken Files

Alas, no tale is there to tell Mad’moiselle bows down, farewell Beers all spent in some cheap motel And that which was once a case Of the ensnared entangled enchanted Is now adieu mo’sieur Sorta kinda relieved we parted Alas, mister kiss-yer-sorry-ass Oh please don’tcha ever ask Another one for the road, we must Coz […]

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How many years you think we still have to live, I wanted to ask you just now. But this isn’t the sort of thing you ask someone at three in the morning, while you both are quite a distance away; it isn’t something I can Viber or call in long distance – it’s a conversation […]

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Don’t Fix Me

As I was reading something somewheres, I made a mental note of a phrase that’s been sitting inside my head for quite sometime now: the six spokes of bliss. It’s from a book I’ve yet to read but in a synopsis it outlines the areas in our lives that ‘ought’ to be satisfied so that […]

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Felt Like A Tori

That’s how you came back, like a Tori album I’m hearing for the first time: hauntingly familiar, something I wanted to play over and over, fast forwarded every moment or so, for I wanted to savor you but also right away consume you, own you; until again I knew you outwards, backwards, molded unto me […]

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I know, I know, I’ve gone significantly incognito—well, from this space anyway. It’s been months since I’ve had this exercise and while I’ve been meaning to sit down and write something, err, life’s been busier lately. And thank goodness too, because otherwise I’d still be munching on my fingernails, wondering what the hell I’m doing […]

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For These Aren’t The Words

I tried both routes in showing you, love: For when the days had the sunnies, I sought to give you bright and colored rosies; they soaked in our warm sun and so impossibly dazzling that all we could do was shield our eyes from its sight, that even with eyes closed it burned through—fiery, powerful, […]

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There’s always a different way to grasp an idea. Depending on how contradictory you’re allowing your mindset to be at this moment, perhaps you’ll dismiss my argument shallow, based on emotions that are imagined, and somehow influenced by the size of tonight’s moon. Is it really hard to understand where I’m coming from? Let me […]

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