Done, done, done

Strange how I could still smell you on my hands The trail of you sends me momentarily unspun Stretched out our new now flat out, detangled, taut The miles betwixt us olde history, cobwebbed, naught Steeling myself I stole a flash of a past of a memory of a dream Or wait am I awake […]

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Driving me coconuts

It was close to midnight tonight, yeah thereabouts, that I traveled home from work. I booked the usual car and I settled in as we plowed through traffic-ridden C5. Sitting in there, I thought well hey this is nice: the temp was just right, the interior smelled surprisingly sweet, with that new car smell, and […]

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Dunno anymore, dunno why

It’s 2:45am and I just got out of bed, giving up on my game’s level 18, to instead go through the trouble of booting up my machine—such a rarity these days—because of late the words in my head have been itching to get out. I’ve jotted a bunch of notes in Google Keep, things I’ve […]

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Dear Me Dear

I sit in the middle of my apartment, 10 weeks into living alone. Massive Attack is playing from my phone; Better Things is on and I sing along with Tracey, “…you say the magic’s gone well I’m not a magician you say the sparks gone well get an electrician…” And hell yeah, I’m singing like […]

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Debates in me head

I’ve been meaning to write a Facebook post on the changes that are happening to me this week but I realized a mere one-liner will just not cut it. See, I’m in the midst of making the big move, on getting sweet, sweet independence, and after years and years of thinking it in my head, […]

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Deviating from the norm

I havta say, the last few weeks had been full of delightfully weird things and, being at an age where I’ve come to appreciate all sorts of experiences, I’ve to admit the break from the typical is something I need. The month rolled by with its usual though: maddeningly early HD mornings, commutes made bearable […]

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Diving into 2016

Onto the first month of the year and as with any thing that kicks off, the last two weeks have been marked by to-dos, purchasing new notebooks for jotting down thoughts and whatnots, peeking at calendars to make sure that schedules for the rest of the year coincide with friends being in town, for planning, […]

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D days

November had been a gadawful time–while I really didn’t have one huge project at work I had been juggling what felt like 10,000 little deadlines–I can’t tell which is more taxing, truth be told. But more than the work itself, the past month has been marked by how totally exhausted I was. An exhaustion which […]

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No matter the state of my affairs, be it sheer exhaustion or drunken happiness or indescribable ennui, it seems that sleep eludes. Ten years ago it had been most prob’ly from those dvd marathons we’ve had, watching Six Feet Under and Sopranos…not stopping until those damn Dao chickens made a ruckus to announce that morning […]

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Do Me A Favor

Words, like the thief you were so many you’ve stolen from me. Words I’ve laced with sweet hellos and hearty hahas; words sowed from the plumpest of seeds, filled up, watered, nurtured, laden, grown; they billowed with love and bore oh so many lovely fruits but you just wasted their sweetness on the ground. We […]

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