I may have very well been a fool. See, all my life I’ve lived by this golden rule: to listen to the voice inside me, the one that s’posedly rings the truest, that which once I heed shall lead me to happiness. Yep, I’ve always gone down the path where my stupid gut feel had […]

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Lights out, the night’s up and about Casting a lonely blanket of bleakness Amidst unspeakable tears Trapped ‘neath layers of years An expanse so big, so wide I brave it alone no candles by my side I do not delight in solitude Nothingness this magnitude Please not tonight It ripples through my head We scream […]

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Days Are Gone, Nights Are Long

(Yep, in a way inspired by Haim). My life is on a plateau; well, at least, that’s what two of my good friends have determined in one of our recent pseudo-intellectual Friday night drinking binges. Somewhere between my Cheesy Croquettes With Mustard Sour Cream and their Lychee Margaritas, I posited the dang question that led […]

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Disturb Me

Let me fall on my knees, and beg of you: disturb me by whichever way you like. Intimidate me, or hurt me, I don’t really mind. Nuzzle me, or pull my hair, for as long as you please. Kiss me, break my bones, or just be a tease. For if that’s what you can give, […]

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A piece for us that which we cannot name Should this be The End lemme ask again again again Are we a ‘hey there’ once plump with emotions a spring of wants now spilt into oceans Are we borrowed hallowed unarmed for tomorrow Was I a lazy drawl with my lingering s’s a she who […]

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Drunken Files

Alas, no tale is there to tell Mad’moiselle bows down, farewell Beers all spent in some cheap motel And that which was once a case Of the ensnared entangled enchanted Is now adieu mo’sieur Sorta kinda relieved we parted Alas, mister kiss-yer-sorry-ass Oh please don’tcha ever ask Another one for the road, we must Coz […]

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How many years you think we still have to live, I wanted to ask you just now. But this isn’t the sort of thing you ask someone at three in the morning, while you both are quite a distance away; it isn’t something I can Viber or call in long distance – it’s a conversation […]

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Don’t Fix Me

As I was reading something somewheres, I made a mental note of a phrase that’s been sitting inside my head for quite sometime now: the six spokes of bliss. It’s from a book I’ve yet to read but in a synopsis it outlines the areas in our lives that ‘ought’ to be satisfied so that […]

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Felt Like A Tori

That’s how you came back, like a Tori album I’m hearing for the first time: hauntingly familiar, something I wanted to play over and over, fast forwarded every moment or so, for I wanted to savor you but also right away consume you, own you; until again I knew you outwards, backwards, molded unto me […]

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