For P.

Ah, here you are again, P. Why are you still here, my dear? You told me you’ve let go have moved on can’t give me what I need to let you be, yet here you are again, reading through my thoughts, wandering touring thinking meandering loitering like you still cared. Haven’t you been taught this […]

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Felt Like A Tori

That’s how you came back, like a Tori album I’m hearing for the first time: hauntingly familiar, something I wanted to play over and over, fast forwarded every moment or so, for I wanted to savor you but also right away consume you, own you; until again I knew you outwards, backwards, molded unto me […]

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I’ve always thought our paths are written; we only think we were given the chance to choose but really the lines we take are already drawn. Two years ago, I was on this crossroads, and by sheer fate happened a happenstance: a story of love has began. That time, I read somewhere: ‘love stories are […]

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I know, I know, I’ve gone significantly incognito—well, from this space anyway. It’s been months since I’ve had this exercise and while I’ve been meaning to sit down and write something, err, life’s been busier lately. And thank goodness too, because otherwise I’d still be munching on my fingernails, wondering what the hell I’m doing […]

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For These Aren’t The Words

I tried both routes in showing you, love: For when the days had the sunnies, I sought to give you bright and colored rosies; they soaked in our warm sun and so impossibly dazzling that all we could do was shield our eyes from its sight, that even with eyes closed it burned through—fiery, powerful, […]

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There’s always a different way to grasp an idea. Depending on how contradictory you’re allowing your mindset to be at this moment, perhaps you’ll dismiss my argument shallow, based on emotions that are imagined, and somehow influenced by the size of tonight’s moon. Is it really hard to understand where I’m coming from? Let me […]

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As I wait for my watercolor paper to dry—wetting it first to stretch the material—I thought I’d multi-task and write another post. I am very impatient when it comes to painting, so this oughta be a good way to kill time. I wanted to write something about you. And about these things that you make […]

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(In a) Funk

It’s a night that calls for random writing. Thoughts haphazardly punched thru my qwerty keyboard—unsure where they’ll end—but always bright with hope that it would help shake off this funk. And not a great way to start my working week, I s’pose. I’ve termed it the ‘start’ because it’s been so many weeks, months, that […]

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4 Lessons For The Year (And My Ongoing Attempts At Learning Them)

My yearly horoscope—firm believer that I am—has stated it so succinctly: ‘Get ready to dig deeply in 2013, Leo. You’re going into a phase of complete and total metamorphosis…If you have ever doubted your strength, after 2013 you’ll never question your resourcefulness again.’ The promise was ripe in its sweetness, exciting in prospect; I have […]

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